KeratinPerfect 30-Day Brazilian Hair Smoothing System Deluxe Edition

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Straighten out your hair while reducing frizz at home thanks to the KeratinPerfect 30-Day Brazillian Hair Smoothing System Deluxe Edition. The set contains full sizes of PerfectCleanse sodium chloride- and sulfate-free shampoo and PerfectSilk conditioner, along with a deluxe, titanium-plated digital flat iron with special MCH heaters that heat quickly and evenly. The iron is great for all hair types and will add smoothness, shine, and volume to your hair. The exclusive KeratinPerfect ReBonding Technology makes rough, damaged texture as well as repair weak keratin bonds, for a different texture and look. The protective seal keeps in the moisture and repells humidity, UV rays, and pollution for up to 30 days. Includes: 2.5 oz PerfectPrep Pre-Treatment Clarifying Shampoo, 5 oz ThePerfector 30-Day Hair Smoothing Treatment, 3.4 oz PerfectCleanse Keratin Enhanced Shampoo, 3.4 oz PerfectSilk Keratin Enhanced Conditioner, 3.4 oz PerfectRenew Daily Keratin Replenishing Spray, 2 Clips, KeratinPerfect Brush, and 1 inch PerfectSleek Flat Iron. $235.

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